About us

MyHugoVegan is an independent workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece producing premium vegan leather fashion products for over a decade, which excel in comfort, style and durability. Each sandal, bag, and accessory is handcrafted from start to finish and made to order.

About our vision

In earlier days, a life free from animal exploitation would seem almost impossible, since for millennia man relied on animal production to feed himself, clothe himself, and perform his most difficult tasks. Nowadays, with developments in technology, engineering and nutrition, the use of animals to such an extensive degree is dangerously reaching the limits of our own humanity. MyHugoVegan was founded to spread a single message to the world and enlist as many as it can to its purpose; that we already live in a beautiful skin.

Using only high-quality vegan leather, a special blend of vinyl and polyurethane, we have found a way to produce accessories and fashion products that have traditionally been made only from animal leather, employing a craft experience of over 2 decades on leatherwork. The finished product does not differ in anything from a typical leather product, more so excells in comfort and endurance. All our products are carefully hand-crafted using methods that leave the smallest impact on the environment ensuring that our friends get to wear their own skin, while you will get to make your own statement to the world.

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Because we already live in a beautiful skin

— MyHugo
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